Brooch – Wane


• Glazed with glossy surface white and sky blue/white and black glaze (except for the back side)
• With gold luster (contains actual gold)
• Attaches to Your clothes by magnets, so it does not damage them and “stands” evenly

dia .~ 0.98 x 0.19 in (plus 0.27 in magnetic clasp) / dia. ~ 25 x 5 mm (plus 7 mm magnetic clasp)

• The brooch easily moves to the right place without taking it out of clothes again (if  You are wearing thin or weak fabric clothes, please do not move the brooch, it should be reattached)

*Fragile when falls on a hard surface
* Suitable for thinner fabric clothes or loose-knit sweaters (very thick fabric reduces the strength of the magnets, so your chosen brooch may fall off and break)


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